Preschooling is the basic foundation stone of a child’s formal education.

At Sukhmani Kindergarten, one of the best nursery school in Kurukshetra, we not only introduce your toddler to academic learning, but also at the same time ensure that he/she enjoys the time spent there. Our well-educated teachers and expert staff members pay personal attention to connect with the mind, heart, and body of kids through a stringent and well-rounded curriculum that stays the best from the rest. We encourage each and every child to explore, understand, and delight in an environment that is not only academically challenging but developmentally appropriate also.

Sukhmani Kindergarten, is a theme based pre-nursery school in Kurukshetra, who has adopted the best-graded curriculum from leading schools across the U.K. We focus on individual learning of every child and building his/her cognitive, motor, language, social skills, and self-esteem which help them to perform the best of their potential.

When it comes to academics at Sukhmani Kindergarten, the best pre-nursery school in Kurukshetra, it always stands out from the rest by having following things:

  • Well-qualified teachers and staff
  • An average class section carries not more than 22 students
  • A joyous and friendly environment
  • Child-friendly equipments
  • Enticing toys and scientifically designed games to aid in better learning

All offered courses at Sukhmani Kindergarten, pre-nursery school in Kurukshetra are based on core curriculum principles. Our core curriculum principles create a classroom environment where students are questioned and challenged academically and also allowed to integrate their faith in distinct subject areas.

As per the basic curriculum principles, we believe;

  • In the single Word of God and the world belongs to God.
  • Faith and learning are uniquely integrated with each other.
  • Home, school, and fane together nurture a child.
  • The primary function of the school is to provide education.
  • In using high-quality, research-based materials that ideally fit our curriculum.

Siddiqua Peeradina
Siddiqua Peeradina Duaa's mamma (Crazy Caterpillars Class – Playgroup)
Have no words to express my gratitude. I couldn't have asked for a better school to lay down the basis of everything for Duaa. She's a person now with her own personality something I can say with pride. A Huge Thank You for everything ! For giving our children nothing ...
Farzana Hussain
Farzana Hussain Benazir's mamma – (Busy Bees Class – Jr. K.g.).
Excellent work done on Benazir. Very happy with the efforts taken by teachers during the last 4 yrs Benazir has been with you. Thanks a lot!!!!
Tejas Master Mascarenhas
Tejas Master Mascarenhas Ashton's mom –(Leaping Grasshoppers Class –Nursery )
Sukhmani Kindergarten is one of the best pre-schools I found for my child. They possibly have all that other schools have but there is one thing that is exclusively theirs. Their very dedicated and sincere team of people starting from their wonderful Teachers, Support staff, Admin, Principal, well, just about ...
Moushumi Thakur
Moushumi Thakur Vivaan 's mamma (Crazy Caterpillars Class – Playgroup)
Vivaan loves going to school and he loves all his teachers especially Nazia Miss. All the staff is doing an excellent job .Children learn a lot in school. Keep up the great work !!