Parents as Partners

Parents are always concerned about their kids, and we know it is very hard to trust someone else to care for your child in your absence. At Sukhmani Kindergarten, we are very much concerned about your kids and strive to build an atmosphere where they can nurture, learn, and prepare them to face the world with confidence and positive mindset. We will never be able to create a better atmosphere for a child without his or her parents, which is why we consider parents as the partners for safe, lovable, memorable, healthy, and happy development of a child’s mind and body.

We ensure creative and effective involvement of parents in educational process of their child through:

  • Frequent parent and teacher interactions regarding behavior and performance of their child.
  • Discussion of individual learning process along with progress reports in order to define the targets and improvements required in the process.
  • Quarterly newsletter for parents for effective updates.
  • Orientation programs, interactive activities, and workshops that involve parents, to make parenting a memorable yet enjoyable experience.

Siddiqua Peeradina
Siddiqua Peeradina Duaa's mamma (Crazy Caterpillars Class – Playgroup)
Have no words to express my gratitude. I couldn't have asked for a better school to lay down the basis of everything for Duaa. She's a person now with her own personality something I can say with pride. A Huge Thank You for everything ! For giving our children nothing ...
Farzana Hussain
Farzana Hussain Benazir's mamma – (Busy Bees Class – Jr. K.g.).
Excellent work done on Benazir. Very happy with the efforts taken by teachers during the last 4 yrs Benazir has been with you. Thanks a lot!!!!
Tejas Master Mascarenhas
Tejas Master Mascarenhas Ashton's mom –(Leaping Grasshoppers Class –Nursery )
Sukhmani Kindergarten is one of the best pre-schools I found for my child. They possibly have all that other schools have but there is one thing that is exclusively theirs. Their very dedicated and sincere team of people starting from their wonderful Teachers, Support staff, Admin, Principal, well, just about ...
Moushumi Thakur
Moushumi Thakur Vivaan 's mamma (Crazy Caterpillars Class – Playgroup)
Vivaan loves going to school and he loves all his teachers especially Nazia Miss. All the staff is doing an excellent job .Children learn a lot in school. Keep up the great work !!